Lesson Plans

Get ready to use an original Yoga Playhouse Lesson Plan to teach your students yoga philosophy and poses.

Lessons for ages 3-7

At this age, kids learn through imaginative storytelling. That’s why each one of these lesson plans includes an original Yoga Playhouse Yoga Story.

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Lessons for ages 8 and up

Using Yoga Playhouse’s signature technique that allows kids to explore concepts outside their body, in their body then in their lives, you’ll teach yogic concepts like drishti, chakras and mindfulness.

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Mindful Minutes

Help children six years or older develop mindfulness practice with these easy-to-follow 8-minute lesson plans. Each lesson includes a brief intro, movement, breath and mindfulness activities.

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  • My daughters who are now 10 and 7 have been doing yoga at Yoga Playhouse since they were 4 and 7…they have confidence and strength that have come from the poses, lessons and incredible teachers.
  • Having taught adults for just over a year, I wasn’t prepared for just how different kid’s yoga is. It’s a whole new ball game. I just loved my experience at the YP Teacher Training. Betsy was warm, welcoming, inspiring and a great teacher! I’m looking forward to teaching my first class next month
    Teacher Training
  • You will find a nurturing community where children practice empathy, care for one's own health and well-being, ecology, philanthropy and more -- all while having lots of fun. We are grateful for Yoga Playhouse.